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  • Jonathan Widran

DAVE TULL, Texting and Driving

Who says jazz has to be super-serious all the time? Not the delightfully witty, bitingly incisive social observer/master satirist Dave Tull, who also happens to be an incredible drummer, vocalist and bandleader. Well known for his associations with Page Cavanaugh, Chuck Mangione and Cheryl Bentyne, the multi-talented artist’s crisp, fun-filled storytelling is so compelling that it’s almost possible to overlook the deeper swinging talents of his all-star band.

His humorous spins on texting and driving, bad dates (the crafty duet with Bentyne, “The Date”), being a parent and running into musicians whose names he can’t remember keeps us hanging on every turn of phrase. Yet Tull also populates the generous 15 song set of originals with more heartfelt tunes that remind us that he’s got a lovely voice and a sweet sense of love and romance.

Texting and Driving might be dangerous in real life, but listening to Dave Tull sing about it is pure, traffic stopping fun!

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