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  • Jonathan Widran

SEAN NOONAN, The Aqua Diva

And now for something completely offbeat, crazy-cool, jazzy, rocky, punky, world beat edgy – and so hipster it would make an incredible stage musical: The Aqua Diva by Sean Noonan, a rhythmic .storyteller extraordinaire who fashions his intensely creative and delectably schizo, avant garde jazz narratives starting with a pair of drumsticks.

Closing in on his 20th year as a recording artist, Noonan brings forth on his latest work his rich history of juxtaposed stylistic excursions, including modern chamber music, Afro-Celtic punk jazz and jazz rock, punk jazz sax and spoken word. Part of the fun of listening is figuring out where Noonan’s head is at from track to track – and whether he’ll sing or talk or both, or regale us with infectious pop-rock, a “showtuney” piece or some dynamic swinging jazz.

Whether he’s romping with “Don Knotts,” singing wistfully about “Butterflies” or pondering “Where Would I Go” with a soulful monologue, his amazingly versatile and game pianist Alex Marcelo and bassist Peter Bitenc are there making this offbeat music more engaging, poppy and palatable for everyone

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