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  • Jonathan Widran


Perfectly embodying its cheerful, uplifting title, Charley Langer’s new album HAPPY HOUR is a true celebration of the veteran saxophonist’s locking in on a fully, funky, in the pocket Smooth Jazz vibe. The collection is the long awaited follow-up to his popular debut NEVER THE SAME, whose title track received significant airplay on the radio and The Weather Channel.

Creating a soulful, crackling chemistry with guitarist, composer and genre super-producer Nils, Langer brings his muscular alto vibe to exciting, infectious melodies and jumping, horn-textured hooks. Adding some bold and exciting Tower of Power-like edges to the pop-soul flow, Langer embodies the album’s title with a set that exudes energy, optimism and sweet touches of romance. You don’t need a drink to enjoy this very HAPPY HOUR!

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