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  • Jonathan Widran

TIFFANY BYNOE, Timeless Dance EP

True to her trademark tantalizing way of inviting us to her door before seducing us full throttle, multi-talented genre-transcendent (pop, R&B, gospel, jazz, dance) singer/songwriter Tiffany Bynoe finds an irresistible way to whet our whistle for her forthcoming full-length Timeless Dance album.

Her first double A side release is a six track extravaganza featuring four fresh and unique mixes of the classic O’Jays/Jackie Moore disco era hit “This Time Baby,” capped with infectious dance and disco remixes of her 2018 hit “L.I.T.” On the soothing and and sensual Classic Soul remix of “This Time Baby,” Tiffany brings purity and emotional urgency to the Bell and James lyrics that are usually overshadowed by the deep grooving. The Soul House Radio Remix finds Tiffany vibrantly re-imagining the track for a contemporary audience used to disco thump with a more aggressive kick.

The Soulful Jazzy House mix combines the best vibes of both of the previous tracks, opening as an atmospheric romance with trippy echoing male voices complementing the backing female vocals before the dance floor rhythms heat up. As its title promises, the Soul House Extended Mix keeps the joyful, edgy disco swirl bouncing for a full seven and a half minutes. The original version of L.I.T. found her baring the depths of her inner soul with a blend of silky, heartfelt lead vocals and dreamy swirling harmonies. The Dance Mix adds fresh mid-tempo bounce and color to the track, while the Disco Mix is a true "thumpaganza" full of old school disco era production textures and booming basslines.

With this incredible can’t listen just once or twice EP, Tiffany will make your heart pound, your fingers snap, your toes tap and your feet on the floor all night! No surprise that the Soulful House Mix of “This Time Baby” has already had a huge reaction in the U.S., accompanied by many offers for her to perform it live!

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