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  • Jonathan Widran

AIMEE NOLTE, Looking for the Answers

In an age where great artistry and musicianship goes hand in hand with tech savviness, Aimee Nolte sets a high bar in a multitude of arenas. The veteran jazz singer, pianist and teacher’s multi-facted YouTube page, featuring music and educational videos on topics like harmony, arranging and advanced jazz piano technique, has over 142,000 subscribers. She’s also a brilliant, multi-faceted artist who started recording in 2005 and transcends all previous releases with her latest collection Looking for the Answers.

The cover art finds a playful cartoon image of the singer in a spacesuit on barren planet, shovel in hand, presumably digging for answers. But don’t let that quirkiness steer you away from her quite serious, multi-faceted approach to jazz expression, all centered around a voice as gossamer and soul caressing as that of Norah Jones. The opening track “The Loveliest Girl” – which hit the Top Ten on the iTunes jazz chart – offers a premier example of her stylistically eclectic depth. Her vocals breeze along over a haunting woodwind orchestral arrangement before the song takes a sharp turn into delicate folk territory.

Though the most emotionally compelling tracks are those like “Falling Snow” that feature minimal accompaniment, others display Nolte’s passion for swing, both lightly arranged (the title track) and brisk and bouncy (as on the Latin explosion “I Gotta Get”). Another can’t miss highlight is and expansive arrangement of “Bye Bye Blackbird,” a plucky duet with bass legend John Clayton (whom she met through her YouTube channel) featuring his subtle groove behind her lead vocals and euphoric scat energy.

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