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  • Jonathan Widran

JUAN SANCHEZ, "Heading To Dreamland"

Twenty years after Juan Sánchez began creating instrumental electronic music for multi-media and sound libraries, the Barcelona based pianist, composer and producer is emerging as an important new voice in in the neo-classical-ambient-meditational realm of new age music.

Starting in early 2019, he has released a flurry of lush, free-flowing and consciousness expanding singles, each uniquely recorded with a different piano in a different studio with other musicians collaborating so they all have their own distinct vibe.

The second of these tracks, “Heading to Dreamland,” is, true to its thoughtful title, a tender and hypnotic, lullaby-like song that beautifully showcases Sánchez’s sensitive approach to the keys and his talent for creating soft-spoken yet deeply emotional melodies that take the listener on a journey. Designed to lead us to an accessible state of consciousness and an ethereal dream state that we can experience while sleeping, “Heading to Dreamland” begins with the gentle grace of piano caressed with lush strings.

These elements merge in the service of taking us into a trance-like state. Midway through, the tempo of the piano picks up slightly, perhaps to encourage a transition into lucid dreaming, where we can participate in our own narrative even while deep in sleep. Then the melody settles back down to the softer, meditative flow that reminds us of where the journey began.

These are simply suggestions to think about when you’re listening to the pianist’s soulful excursion. Sánchez called the piece “Heading to Dreamland” because, he says, “I always listen to nice, relaxing music when I am in bed and I love falling asleep to it. I composed the piece with this intention.” The great thing about music this transcendent and deeply felt is that we can all draw our own interpretations and let it be the soundtrack to a soul adventure of our choice. I can’t wait to see where Sánchez’s musical dreams take him (and us!) in the future.

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