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  • Jonathan Widran

TJ DOYLE, "Lullaby"

With his dreamy and soulful, easy grooving and uber-romantic new single “Lullaby,” award winning alt-pop/rock/Americana singer songwriter TJ Doyle marks ten years as a powerful, socially conscious force in indie music.

Driven by his cool, contemporary twist on that enduring classic 60’s aesthetic where artists cared deeply about the challenges of their generation – and a voice that will immediately bring to mind the edgy comfort of Neil Young - Doyle’s popularity is rooted in his ability to use his songs to, as he says, “help people make sense of themselves and the world. That is my prime directive with my music and lyrics.”

Despite the title “Lullaby,” the track – buoyed by Tim Pierce’s alternately shimmering and crackling electric guitar – is anything but sleepy. It’s a passionate chronicle about a relationship that goes through the ups and downs of life and teaches the lovers important lessons along the way.

Doyle emphasizes the importance of living every moment and being a loyal, trustworthy friend. No matter what happens or how the road twists and turns, he returns to the gentle reassurance of the chorus: “You and I were meant to be together/Like a lullaby we sang to each other.”

The singer lives in a community in the Angeles National Forest above Los Angeles and frequently imbues his songs with passion for the environment. He fuses romance and his declaration of undying love with this concept in a single line: “Like all of nature, we are free.” Although his vocals are generally laid back, it’s inspiring to hear them become more passionate as his expressions of love intensify.

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