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  • Jonathan Widran

PABLO EMBON, Reminiscent Moods

Eighteen albums into his incredible run as an indie artist, Pablo Embon presents several fascinating dualities that continue to set him apart from any artist who limits his aesthetic to a single culture or instrument. As an Argentine native making music in Israel, he brings a uniquely cosmopolitan, rhythmically diverse perspective to his essential Latin jazz-oriented style. '

Even more impressive, he’s a multi-instrumentalist (with focus on piano and guitar) and producer who creates a rousing full band vibe entirely by himself. He draws on this multitude of talent to create everything from rousing piano jams that feature snappy guitar solos (“All Stars Above”) to jaunty pieces like “Getaway” where the rhythmic piano serves as a harmony line behind some inventive melodic guitar work before emerging with a front and center improvisational solo.

On other songs like “Ocean Deep,” he modulates his stings to a moody bass tone before jumping into a blazing electric solo. His array of retro keys also adds to the deep sonic texturing and old school soul vibes floating throughout. True to the album’s title, he mixes reflective moods with some lively, sunny outbursts to create a swirling synthesis of sounds.

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