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  • Jonathan Widran


True to the name of their hypnotic, strange and mysterious yet utterly fascinating avant-garde trio Yimba Rudo – which translates to “Sing Love” in Zimbabwe’s Shona language –Kevin Norton (vibes/percussion), Steve LaSpina (bass) and Jim Pugliese (drums/percussion) all have mile long resumes creating a wide variety of mostly mainstream music on NYC’s classical and jazz scenes for years.

Norton creates some beautifully thoughtful melodic moments on the vibes and LaSpina and Pugliese are groove intensive masters serving the eclectic polyrhythmic gods. For the most part, however, this self-titled collection finds them letting loose and expressing craziest impulses and frenetic, haunted inner muses, gathering all of the weirdest, trippiest and shapeless ideas they can and jamming into a sea of mostly chaotic bliss.

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