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  • Jonathan Widran

NEILL MACLEAN, "Invite Me Over"

“Invite Me Over,” the infectious, wildly synthy retro 60’s pop/folk meets 80’s new wave/light punk influenced new single from emerging indie singer-songwriter Neill Maclean, is that rare track that can make an ongoing lament about alienation and being shut out also seem like rapturous fun.

The second single released in the wake of his early 2019 full length debut 320 Vaughn St., the track balances the artist’s dark, sultry voice with dreamy and lighthearted female harmonies – almost as if to say that while he’s disappointed about being dissed, he’ll get over the rejection and questions about insecurity quickly enough.

Though Maclean is a new artist in his own right, he’s been a behind the scenes force for a while, writing and recording with, among others, The Lumineers, Nick Bockrath of Cage the Elephant and Matt Musty of Train. Here’s hoping indie pop fans will get the message, feel the vibey coolness and invite him onto their eclectic playlists.

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