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  • Jonathan Widran

THE LOST MELODY, New Songs For Old Souls

As veteran touring and recording musicians, Joe Davidian (piano), Jamie Ousley (bass) and Austin McMahon (drums) have likely played every standard and Great American Songbook selection known to jazzkind.

Now known collectively as The Lost Melody after years performing and recording as the Joe Davidian Trio, the three get ultra-creative creating this delightfully intimate, ultra-melodic, rhythmically varied batch of ten New Songs for Old Souls – vibrantly fulfilling their mission to create fresh tunes in the style of the old standards.

Just as the name change subtly shifts the dynamic towards all three equally contributing songs and key elements of each performance, the collection is a marvelous culmination of their desire to put melody and not over the top intricacies and improvisations first.

Davidian penned the majority of the songs, ranging from the brisk and whimsical reflection “When We First Met” to the hypnotic soulful strutting of the wildly polyrhythmic “Before I Forget You.”

Free now to strut their own compositional strut, Ousley and McMahon each contributed two, most notably the bassist’s lush and lilting “A Minor Waltz” and McMahon’s lively, elegant and deeply grooving “Sol.” These new songs will appeal to all jazz fans, young and old souls alike.

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