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  • Jonathan Widran

DEAN GRECH, Back In Time

Achieving some much deserved buzz with his long-awaited 2009 debut album Look Out, Dean Grech formulated the perfect response to those who asked, “Where have you been?” The versatile veteran singer/songwriter and guitar virtuoso replied simply, “Man, I’ve just been out there playing all my life.”

Now a renowned Billboard charting artist, his success as a smooth jazz artist has catapulted him to opening slots for everyone from Al Jarreau and Michael McDonald to The Beach Boys, Dave Koz and David Sanborn, along with appearances on all-star compilation albums (alongside Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder) and a few film soundtracks.

In addition to offering a powerful multi-faceted showcase for his multitude of rock, soul and jazz fired talents, his Innervisions Records debut Back in Time serves as a spirited, career-spanning romp capturing sparks of all his influences and favorite styles – starting with the fun, jangling and inspirational pop/rocker “Reachin for the Sky,” the sensual, sax tinged ballad “She’s Magic” (both impactful vocal tunes) and coolly funky, in the pocket urban jazz instrumental “Desert Nights,” which rides like a whimsical dance between Grech’s crisp, fluid lines and Greg Vail’s always passionate sax.

Along the way, Grech pays dynamic homage to Jimi Hendrix (via raw vocals and fanciful licks on a re-imagined “All Along The Watchtower”), The Beatles (a dreamy blues tinged samba stroll through “All My Loving”), trad jazz (the moody vocal ballad “Back in Time”) and freewheeling bluesy and progressive rock and roll with the hard jamming “Flypaper” and the heartrending, slow burning closer “I’ll Be Back Again.” Hopefully, the title of that last song is a harbinger of great things to come with Innervision so we won’t have to wait seven more years for his next eclectic masterwork!

Listen to Back in Time here:


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