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  • Jonathan Widran

DEVON, Sitting Up Straight

Though her sound and songwriting acumen has evolved since ultra-indie, super hipster singer/songwriter Devon dropped her critically acclaimed full length debut Love & Haight, her promoters and praisers are still trying to draw us into her infectious, heart-hitting vibe with across the board comparisons to everyone from “Stevie Nicks meets the 1975” (for her breathy and sensual ode to romantic hope “Never Mind”) to Feist and Florence + The Machine (attempting to describe the sultry, deep groove and atmosphere driven “Never Mind.”

These connections may read nicely, but they may inspire people’s souls and minds to wander from the intense intimacy, soul-deep cool and fresh uniqueness the NYC based singer draws us into on her latest EP Sitting Up Straight. Testament to her heartfelt, straight to the point songwriting prowess, she only needs 14 minutes (spread over five songs) to create a colorful journey from the cautious hope of the hypnotic beat filled “Just Begun” through her attempt to swear off love for good on “I Won’t.” Adding a final sheen with her dynamic sonic palette as a producer, Devon achieves a miraculous breakthrough of fresh, sparkling indie pop.

Yet for all its atmospheric dazzle, the EP is not all lighthearted shimmer. Devon instinctively knows when some edge is called for. On the two most compelling cuts, the boisterous “Want To Know” and “I Won’t,” Christian O’Connor’s blazing rock guitar underscores all the whims of Devon’s tightly wound but emotionally expansive landscapes. At the end of these seductive but pointed 14 minutes, you won’t be reaching for legends to compare her to. You’ll know she’s the one who will be emulated in the future.

Listen to Sitting Up Straight here: Sitting up Straight - Single by Devon | Spotify


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