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  • Jonathan Widran

DR. MIKE BOGLE, Let There Be Light

While continuing his impactful educational career as Professor of Commercial Music at Dallas College, Cedar Valley campus, keyboard centered multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Mike Bogle’s artistry is so prolific that fans have to look under three names on the streaming services: Mike Bogle (for his early albums Other Life and Eternal Family), Mike Bogle Trio (for his prolific output from 2014’s Bigger Than Dallas through 2018’s Dr. B! and now, Dr. Mike Bogle for the perfectly titled Let There Be Light - a high octane, breakneck adventurous fusion free for all where Bogle ring-leads the fiery, madly grooving quintet of Buddy Mohmed (bass), Harrell Bosarge (drums), Andy Barrus (steel pan/percussion) and Dana Sudborough.

The EP (five tracks and a bonus, vocal-free version of the title track) is an all-out blast from start to finish, launching with the sizzling Latin boom of “Voyager’s Dream” – with Bogle laying the hypnotic piano/keyboard motif for Barrus, Sudborough and Mohmed to dance around and wildly improvise off of. Bogle showcases his dreamy, soaring vocalese and spirited jazz piano chops on the funky, mid-tempo title track, then creates an offbeat, experimental vibe (including odd guttural vocals and a blazing solo on the trombone) with his always game crew that lives up to the quirky title “Eat Your Vitamins.”

Easing back down to earth, “Positano” is a sensual, tropical flavored romp that makes more traditional use of the vibes and pans – but then all bets are off as the ensemble amps up on a heavily percussive, scorching romp through Pee Wee Ellis’ boisterous classic “The Chicken.” If all this exciting Bogleosity isn’t enough for you, you can always check out the other recent album attributed to Dr. Mike Bogle, his classical solo piano venture Rhapsody in Blue!


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