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  • Jonathan Widran

JANET NOGUERA, "Favor From the Wind"

The title of Janet Noguera’s hypnotic, soul seductive fingerstyle meditation “Favor from the Wind” feels like a self-fulfilling prophecy, considering all the accolades and acclaim she has received from an early age, including being featured at 19 in Acoustic Guitar Magazine as one of the “30 Great Acoustic Guitarists under the age of 30” – the same year (2014) she won the International Lowden Young Guitarist of the Year competition.

Fingerstyle great Andy McKee – who is among the many popular purveyors of this style she has opened shows for – captured her essence best when he said of Noguera: “Sometimes you see someone play the guitar and you know…they aren’t merely a guitarist. . .You are an artist, a true musician. . .and bravo!”

Simple in its essential melody but intricate in its precise fingering, “Favor from the Wind” is one of those rare pieces full of both gentle elegance and artful pluck, capturing in its earthy yet ethereal glow a sense of life’s sometimes tender, often emotionally intense rhythmic flow. It’s reflective musical storytelling at its finest, best experienced via paying close attention but which can also be effective as relaxing, easy swaying background music for the activities of the day or even to calm the spirit into a sweet moment of respite.

“Favor from the Wind” ” is one of six individually released tracks that are part of myndstream November Flight collection – the second in a series of seasonal collections of tracks handpicked by the label’s Head of A&R and General Manager (and veteran two time Emmy winning artist) Michael Whalen. The first, released in August 2021, was titled Summer Flight.


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