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  • Jonathan Widran

JOSIE FALBO, "Each Other"

Though multi-talented veteran Chicago based vocalist Josie Falbo released a standards album (Taylor St.) in 2010 and a holiday EP in 2021, she’s mostly applied her versatility as a jazz, gospel and operatic singer behind the scenes, doing countless major brand commercials and working with pop, R&B jazz and gospel greats like Earth, Wind & Fire, Michael Bolton, Nancy Wilson, Dennis DeYoung, Mavis Staples and Yolanda Adams.

Featuring sweetly caressing strings and the elegant piano of co-writer Myles Greene, Josie’s new original Christmas single “Each Other” is a warm, soulful and inspiring ballad that offers a magnificent opportunity to experience a wonderful multitude of gifts all at once - her dynamic vocal range, exciting theatricality and graceful, compelling storytelling prowess. While the song namechecks many classic seasonal elements – snow, candy, mistletoe, children’s laughter, presents beneath the tree – its message is that those things only matter if we have love that endures long beyond the holiday season.

When she sings “holding hands makes us realize the importance of you and I,” we understand she’s truly setting a glowing romantic mood. Yet with the subsequent line “And I hope we’ll have each other, every sister, every brother, yes, we’re going to need each other,” Josie’s also speaking of universal love and our need to embody the Christmas spirit all year round not just with our immediate loved ones but everybody. After her first iteration of that theme,

Greene offers a clever brief upswing in tempo at one point to remind us that we’re still in the December flow: “Santa’s coming with his reindeer, with gifts for you and I” before pivoting back to the message via the line: “But it’s important to remember, the truth on Christmas night.” “Each Other” is a beautiful, heartfelt song that speaks love to a world that needs it more than ever.


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