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  • Jonathan Widran


Like many spiritually impactful new age/ambient artists, Juliet Lyons has found great success using her talents as a melodically and rhythmically intuitive pianist, composer and vocalist to create meaningful works focused on inner peace, self-discovery and healing – from her 2007 vocal track “Peace Within” to her 2019 Top 5 Billboard collection The Light Within: Songs for Yoga, healing and Inner Peace.

With its dreamlike fusion of hypnotic, lilting piano, caressing synth ambiences and her ethereal voicings of the title, Julet’s latest epic meditation track “Breathe III” – a recent Hollywood Independent Music Award nominee - takes us on a similarly immersive, deeply emotional soul-soothing journey. Yet it’s actually a deeper, far more personal expression for the artist than her previous works. The final element of what she calls the Breathe trilogy and first to be on mainstream streaming services (the first two are available exclusively on Insight Timer Plus), “Breathe III” reflects her unique perspective on a process that is truly the foundation of life.

While most of us take our gift of breath for granted, simply a part of basic everyday functioning, Juliet has come to appreciate it on a whole different and higher level. In 2019, she was diagnosed with the rare disease idiopathic subglottic stenosis, which requires 1-2 surgeries a year on her trachea to keep her airway open. This condition would be scary enough for the average person bt for a multi-talented musical force like Juliet whose artistry includes her beautiful singing voice, it could be even more devastating.

Yet with each successful surgery so far, when she realizes she can breathe and still sing, it’s an opportunity to feel gratitude for these gifts, knowing and connecting profoundly with their fragility. “Breathe III” is thus a surreal self-reminder to breathe in not only air but all life has to offer, to make the most of her gifts and use them to effect change in the hearts of her listeners. For those listeners, whether we enjoy the 6-minute plus piece simply as a lovely piece of music, a means to focus on our own breathing as we meditate or to destress at the end of a long challenging day, it’s wonderful to have Juliet’s angelic, still (and hopefully always) active voice to remind us of the most essential and precious gift of all.

Stream or purchase "Breathe III" here:


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