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  • Jonathan Widran


A true pioneer of synthesizer music, Larry Fast created the conceptual alter ego Synergy to create a series of nine groundbreaking instrumental albums from 1975-87 – all while contributing to some of the biggest pop albums of the day by everyone from Bonnie Tyler (“Total Eclipse of the Heart”) and Foreigner to Peter Gabriel and Hall & Oates.

While the Synergy project has been dormant (with the exception of re-recordings and compilations) since, Fast in recent years has recorded tracks with other artists on instrumental albums celebrating the legacies of Supertramp and prog rockers Yes, Keith Emerson and Greg Lake.

Considering Fast’s dynamic discography and legacy, His latest track, the unusually but intriguingly titled “Insects” is every bit as bold, boisterous and epic as we might expect, creating a richly textured sonic world full of energized sonic walls, explosive electronic percussion and intense and fiery solos – yet always in support of a soaring, compelling melody that would be right at home in a superhero movie or video game.

Though the adventurous booming and sometimes powerfully chaotic spirit of the piece dominates the aural experience, upon multiple listens, the intricacies and emotional dynamics take hold. It’s a fitting return to form for an artist whose synth mastery transformed the possibilities of his instrument – and who knows, maybe longtime fans will be prompted to urge him to bring the Synergy vibe into the 21st Century on a more permanent basis.

“Insects” is one of six individually released tracks that are part of myndstream November Flight collection – the second in a series of seasonal collections of tracks handpicked by the label’s Head of A&R and General Manager (and veteran two time Emmy winning artist) Michael Whalen. The first, released in August 2021, was titled Summer Flight.

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