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  • Jonathan Widran

LARS TAYLOR, "Blue Sphere"

In 2019, I had the privilege of hearing and reviewing (actually, raving!) about “Sweet Onion,” the soulful and infectious debut single by Swiss born guitarist (and freewheeling citizen of the world) Lars Taylor. I’m thrilled to see he’s dropped a bunch of excellent tracks since then, including “Smile” (2021), another acoustic gem (with a distinctive flamenco touch) that has aired multiple times on SiriusXM’s Watercolors.

While equally remarkable and melodically and rhythmically infectious as his earlier tunes, his latest jam “Blue Sphere” showcases some different exciting elements of his artistry, starting with his graceful and fluid flow on the electric guitar, bright, sizzling high register tones on the main melody and a seductive, transportive, sense of ambience he creates as producer of the track.

Then, just as we’re grooving along with the playful summery energy, Taylor romps into full world fusion territory, switching axes and plucking out a powerfully exotic solo on an oriental gypsy guitar and heavier percussion (including the darbuka) heats up. Just as quickly, he returns to the buoyant, melodic electric fusion vibe for the rest of the track.

In perhaps the most compelling and dynamic 3:48 you’re likely to hear all year (if not decade), Taylor, takes us on a journey full of memories of the few weeks he spent at the Black Sea in Romania with his wife, a native of that country. Here’s hoping for more travels and great guitar adventures in the future!

Listen to "Blue Sphere" here:


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