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  • Jonathan Widran

RICK HABANA, "Poolside"

Though released at the beginning of fall 2021, emerging smooth jazz keyboard artist Rick Habana perfectly captures the warm and vibrant spirit of summer on his playful, lighthearted and snappy grooving single “Poolside” – a colorfully produced track that features mystical atmospheres, trippy echoing female voices, and a hook featuring his lively keys intertwining with saxophonist David Kocijan, who also snags a tasty, whimsical solo.

But as we listen and enjoy the uplifting vibes, we should pay special attention to the crisp electric guitar licks that pop up and punch in every so often. Besides taking the song to the next sonic level, those moments are the culmination of Habana’s dream of jamming with Billboard #1 charting artist Blake Aaron once he had signed with Innervision Records.

Vibing with genre greats has been something of a habit for Habana since the veteran musician, songwriter, engineer and composer released his independent debut single “Coast” (featuring R&B singer Kahlil) in 2019. Since then, he’s recorded with Paul Brown, and since joining the Innervision roster, saxophonists Jackiem Joyner and Will Donato.

“Poolside” is Habana’s single track follow-up to The Collective II, his debut on the label which features live recordings with musicians all over the world – from Canada, Finland and Italy to Venezuela and South Africa. As we meet Rick Habana for a fun “Poolside” session, we can look forward to a lot of incredible original music and collaborations in the coming years.


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