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  • Jonathan Widran

ROB C, "Celestite Blue"

With his transcendent new instrumental track “Celestite Blue,” Rob C offers us the perfect trippy, inventive and propulsive soundtrack to our time of joy and relief after an unprecedented year full of fear, anxiety, lockdowns and forced time away from the usual flow and pleasures of life.

Truly taking us on an internal and external journey through space, time and higher spiritual realms, the hypnotic, dynamics filled track is the highly anticipated follow-up to the fast emerging Chilean born, L.A. based pop/rock/electronica artist and master sonic architect’s acclaimed 2019 debut single “Broken Promises” – a personal yet universal inspirational anthem featuring Brazilian vocalist Renata Vontobel – and his soulful and swirling, piano driven instrumental follow-up “Mas Alla De La Existencia.”

While we wrap our ears and souls around the contrasting dark/light, shadowy/sunburst energies that ebb and flow with his pulsating electro rhythms on “Celestite Blue,” we become enlightened to Rob’s overall intention to create a dark retro wave piece in a time signature typical of Latin American folk but not as much in his chosen genre. It’s a way for him to pay homage to his roots while opening fresh doors to this ever-expanding artistry.

Though there is no official video (yet!), “Celestite Blue” has a meaningful story that drives Rob’s intense, seductive narrative. He’s relating the story about the people on earth and the healing properties of the crystal Celestite – a mineral consisting of strontium sulfate and named for its delicate blue color, which connects to the Latin root for “sky” or “heaven.” In the artist’s view, the crystal – and the music he’s created to represent it – reflects the way people in our society forget to practice the mindfulness of staying rooted in the present.

“Celestite Blue” is a mind-bending but ultimately hopeful expression that invites the listener to choose the peaceful state of awareness inherent in the Celestite. After a crazy, off-kilter and downright frightening 2020 and early 2021, who among us wouldn’t accept Rob’s kind and wildly adventurous invitation?

Listen to "Celestite Blue" here: Celestite Blue - song by Rob C | Spotify


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