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  • Jonathan Widran

ROB C, "Mas Alla De La Existencia"

It’s always inspiring to experience the dynamic twists and turns as up and coming artists continue to develop their voice and showcase different sides of their artistry. I first caught the extraordinarily melodic and rhythmic gifts – and innovative sonic energies – of Chilean-born, Los Angeles based composer/keyboardist Rob C in 2019, when the pop-rock/electronica artist released his infectious and inspiring debut single “Broken Promises.” His songwriting was spot on, but because it was a vocal track featuring Brazilian singer Renata Vontobel, there were only glimpses of the colorful synth magic in his freewheeling arsenal.

On his latest track, the high octane, hypnotic and sweeping instrumental electronica driven “Mas Alla De La Existencia,” Rob shares the full force of his creative expression. The title translates to “Beyond Existence” and as it quickly sweeps us off to far off places, one can imagine it serving as a soundtrack to an adventurous journey to those outer limits of the universe - and filled with many unanticipated delights.

At the heart of all the fanciful swirl of harmonic sounds and percussive grooves – some of whose rhythms are influenced by his native organic South American folk music – is a stunningly melodic acoustic piano motif that serves as an emotional center Rob traces every tangent back to. He seems to enjoy pushing the boundaries of sonic experimentation, introducing sparkling and ear catching details, soaring atmospheres and even a tinge of old school synth-jazz fusion along the way. Yet he always cheerfully takes us back home to that piano.

Enthusiastically joining Rob for the ride are bassist Lorenzo Lopez and drummer Jordan McQueen, who ground the experimentation with some tight rhythmic playing. As artistic as it is – and believe me, you’ll want to listen multiple times to pick up every nuance - “Mas Alla” De La Existencia” is mostly exuberant fun at a time we truly need this kind of grand emotional and spiritual escape.

Rob says, “I feel this is a work of sheer persistence and maturity for me. I’ve been working a long time to give this music shape and to have it the way I’m proud of…” Now after getting a more complete picture of what Rob C can do, it’s exciting to contemplate where he will be heading in the future.

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