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  • Jonathan Widran

RYAN JUDD, "The Lost Summer"

Versatile fingerstyle guitarist Ryan Judd’s career as Billboard chart topping new age artist and ZMR Award winner with over 130 million total streams over the past five years is an outgrowth of his two decades as an internationally renowned music therapist for individuals with special needs – including children with autism and Down syndrome.

His eloquent, poignant and wistful new solo acoustic track “The Lost Summer” is a mournful piece inspired by the impact the pandemic year had on his two young boys, who couldn’t engage in the fun, exploratory adventures kids enjoy in summertime.

Listening to each intricate note and the gently swaying, thoughtfully rendered melody offers a unique opportunity to connect with Ryan’s feeling of intense loss as he compares the freedom and joy of his own childhood with what his kids have had to endure during these times.

“The Lost Summer” is one of six individually released tracks that are part of myndstream Summer Flight collection – the first in a series of seasonal collections of tracks handpicked by the label’s Head of A&R and General Manager (and veteran two time Emmy winning artist) Michael Whalen.

Listen to "The Lost Summer" here: Spotify – The Lost Summer


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