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  • Jonathan Widran

TIFFANY BYNOE, "Toast to Love (It's Our Anniversary)"

In reflecting upon “Closer and Closer,” her sensual 2021 smooth urban jazz single that featured #1 Billboard charting guitarist Tim Bowman, Tiffany Bynoe said, “The song is inspired by my relationship with (my husband and producer) Kyle, describing the powerful love and passion we share while also anticipating building on the relationship and growing closer over time.” It’s hard to imagine a more tender hearted, sweet, loving and incredibly sultry and yes, truly sexy follow-up to that wonderful ballad than “Toast to Love (It’s Our Anniversary)” – the singer’s exquisite new R&B ballad that celebrates the couple’s still going strong love as they mark their 29th anniversary.

While it’s inspired by the Bynoes’ very special personal romantic story, like all classic love songs, it’s a tune for anyone who connects with the beautiful joy expressed via Tiffany’s inviting, intimate and emotional lead vocals. More than simply an inspiring tune to celebrate the anniversaries of the Bynoes and all who want to commemorate their special day, “Toast to Love (It’s Our Anniversary)” is a timeless new anthem celebrating LOVE any time of year!

Written by Kyle, Tiffany and Marquis Brown, the track’s cool intro blends a strumming guitar, pretty piano notes, Tiffany’s sweet wordless vocalizations and Kyle letting his beloved wife know that “another year has passed,” so “Let’s celebrate baby, let’s toast to love.” She then previews the dreamy chorus (“It’s our anniversary, yeah, let’s toast to this love” before breezing into the easy grooving first verse, where she sings pointed and poetic words all people in committed relationships can vibe with and feel inspired by: “It’s a very special meaning for this time of year/Seasons come and they go but you’re still here/After all that we have made it through, I’m still falling over you…”

Over Kyle’s lush atmospheric cool, she eases into the chorus with the simple declaration: “It’s our Anniversary” which is tenderly echoed, gospel style, with an emphatic “yeah.” She follows with the song’s actual title, “Let’s toast to this love.” The second verse lays bare just how meaningful it is after so many years and how determined they are to making it last forever, as if these first 29 years are just the foundation for eternity: “We can’t ever stop when love is all we got/Nothing stands in our way/I can’t believe what you do to me.”

Later in the bridge, Tiffany may be addressing her beloved hubby but she sweeps us all off her feet with inspiring words that remind us that even after many years, love can make us feel like kids falling in love and feeling love’s spark and glow for the first time: “I’m so caught up in your magic baby, caught up in your web of love.”

Although Tiffany and Kyle are ministers of the Lord, they never forget the natural side of love. The spiritual aspects help them to forgive, to love unconditionally and to never give up – but the also love to dance and have fun. Though they go through trials and challenges like all other couples, Tiffany has built her career on song with positive messages and the two’s deep trust in god helps keep them balanced.

Both were blessed with great role models when it comes to enduring love. Tiffany’s parents were married 55 years. Kyle grew up with grandparents that were married for 65. They told him nothing would separate them ever except a little green grass between their graves. When Tiffany started singing, her natural favorite genre and style was soulful love songs that have uplifting messages, touch the heart and offer hope that listeners will see a brighter day. She and Kyle use music as a vehicle to let people know all things are possible if they believe.

As Kyle says, “It’s a testimony that we share wit others that we never let the fire go out. Even though storms come, we work hard together to put them out. As we’ve seen the past few years, life can always bring uncertainty, but just like a soldier surviving war, if you made it through you need to toast and give God the glory for another year while loving each other like never before. Compliment each other often like the first time you met and hold each other like you never want to let go.” And never be afraid to be vulnerable with each other!”

Tiffany’s got some big things brewing for the second part of 2022, including a new album and a Lifetime movie called “Finally.” For now, enjoy one of the grandest love songs of this or any other year, “Toast To Love (It’s Our Anniversary).”


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