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  • Jonathan Widran

MIKEY SEE, Mikey See

On “Where I Belong,” one of the key tracks on his powerful self-titled debut EP, Mikey See masters the art of soulful seduction, laying it all out there, heart on his sleeve, seeking comfort and refuge in the arms of a lover.

Over a fresh, sensual groove and a chill ambient flow, the Long Island bred, L.A. based vocalist and songwriter sings “The feeling so strong/It’s taking me home/It’s hard to move on/This is where I belong…” It’s a beautiful, romantic declaration of passion, but beyond that, in a larger sense, it’s Mikey’s declaration to the world that he’s overcome his painful youth, come to terms with his personal identity and embraced his destiny as a multi-faceted artist committed to helping and healing others with music and humanitarian endeavors.

In fellow emerging artist, songwriter and producer Glenn Travis, Mikey found the perfect right hand man in the studio to create the EP’s deep grooving, richly textured and atmospheric sonic magic. While offering mere glimpses of the diverse, multi-talented artist he is developing into, the four tracks on Mikey’s EP showcase several important aspects of his personality. There’s his freewheeling ability to get sexy, a little nasty and have a fun time while also expressing strong self-confidence (“Love My Body”). He balances that with “Don’t Wait,” an epic post breakup ballad (incredibly, the first song he ever wrote) that casts his line as a thoughtful and insightful songwriting voice for his generation. Though his former lover has moved on, Mikey pointedly wants both to be aware that “I was right there/Through the struggle, the pain/I will not be forgotten/I will always be there for you/The clock is always ticking, so don’t wait…”

The final track is the unabashedly romantic “In Your Arms,” which Mikey explains as “a song about someone that you care about so much that you just want to be warm and close to them.” Mikey recently shot promotional videos for “Love My Body” and “Don’t Wait” at locations throughout his new home of Los Angeles.

Mikey looks forward to the opportunity to use his music as a platform for change in the world - not simply as a spokesperson for important issues and causes like anti-bullying, LGBT acceptance and self-acceptance, AIDS, cancer, depression, anxiety and suicide, but hands-on activist in the trenches of achieving social justice. “I just want people to understand that, no matter what obstacles they are facing from others and from within themselves, that they’re worth it,” he says. “Whether they’re troubled and depressed or they’re on the verge of suicide as I once was, I want my message and my music to help them feel better. I want them to know if they need someone to talk to, they’ve got a friend. I want them to know that I am just like them, simply wanting love and friendship from people who care.”

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