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  • Jonathan Widran

RHONDA MACKERT, Time Not Forgotten

Two time nominee for Contemporary & Modern Album of the Year, pianist and composer Rhonda Mackert has, on her previous albums mastered the art of capturing in rhythm and melody beautiful moments and locales on trips through Alaska’s Inside Passage (Wild Beauty) and a sailing excursion through the places where the stars meet the sea (Safe Harbor). On her fifth full length release, the emotional and deeply captivating Time Not Forgotten, the Colorado bred, Seattle based artist casts a more expansive net of inspiration, tapping into the wistful yet joyous memories of her youth, while in the present day reflecting on various places infused with natural beauty.

At the heart of the collection, her boldly rendered blend of dark and light tones and energy on “Monsoon” serves as a bit of a through line back to Safe Harbor. Mackert surrounds that profound piece with an opening narrative built on three reflective soul invitations, starting with the subtle whimsy of “Dancing With My Memories,” continuing with the heartfelt dreamscape of “Walking Among Giants” and wrapping with the graceful high register fluttering beauty of the title track. Post “Monsoon,” Mackert’s excursions are pure magic as she dives into the gentle sparkling waters of “Molokini” (off Maui) breathlessly dares a step by step climb up the “White Cliffs” of Southern Utah, contemplates a delightfully breezy “Spring on Grayrock Mountain” and imagines the glory of the Red Rocks on the easy flowing “Dreaming of Sedona.”

Other tunes are less specific geographically but allow us to journey with Mackert as she takes us on a gentle trip in our minds to “Healing Places,” with time for “Free Floating” as well. The first track available for download is a vibrant burst of childhood light those of us who grew up in a certain era can collectively relate to – “Chasing Fireflies.” Time Not Forgotten is a stunning ode to memories we have made and those we will have to create before we depart.

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