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  • Jonathan Widran

DIANE MOSER, Birdsongs

Normally when we hear the phrase, “this one’s for the birds,” it’s got a negative connotation – but when we apply it graciously to the artful blend of meditation/reflection and joyous flights of fancy of veteran pianist Diane Moser’s Birdsongs, it’s a celebratory, thematically on point compliment.

Originally conceived at a five week residency sat the MacDowell Colony in Petersborough, NH, this fascinating trio work – featuring Anton Denner (flute, piccolo) and Ken Filiano (contrabass) - invites our musical imaginations to soar along with beautiful, alternately reflective and whimsical, pieces inspired by chipping sparrows, the American Robin, black capped chickadees and loons. It’s divided into two passionate suites of music after a lyrical opening tribute to the late Eric Dolphy, a saxophone legend and more to the point, a fellow bird enthusiast.

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