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  • Jonathan Widran


In a 2016 RoadTripper article called “This is Why San Diego Calls Itself “America’s Finest City,” the writer mentions that it has something for everyone – “natural beauty, beaches, great dining, cool shops, loads of kid-approved attractions, tons of breweries, cultural institutions, and tons more!” I would put its dynamic club and indie music scene up on that list, and could start proving my case with The Color Forty Nine, a uniquely, low key, seductively soulful four piece band formed by members of other local groups.

The group’s vibey, intimate aesthetic is driven by the dreamy yearning and colorful, poignant fictional and real life character propelled tunes of founding singer-songwriter Phil Beaumont. Reflective of the city’s trademark laid back vibe, The Color Forty Nine is mostly about chill atmospheres and easy flowing, languid guitars with the occasional energetic burst of percussion.

While their quirky sonic effects and spirited instrumentation (most notably, Matt Resovich’s violin and Casiotone) invite the listener into the group’s trippy adventures, the real draw is Beaumont’s hypnotic, intimate vocals - which ease effortlessly from deep and low expressions to whispery cool and even the occasional falsetto.

Check out the video for their new single “I Will”:

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