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  • Jonathan Widran

BASIA, Butterflies

It’s that girl again, this time, the chart-topping, multi-million album selling, world-jazz vocalist, Basia flutters into our hearts with her latest glorious release, Butterflies. In bringing her trademark timeless sophisti-pop style to the present moment, Basia sounds as fresh, breezy and inviting as ever.

The key to the enduring magic is those crisp, soulful yet sweetly angelic lead and wordless vocals and exquisite voice textures. True to its title concept, the collection is both musically and lyrically buoyant and breezy, infused with exotic and rhythmically eclectic splashes of bossa swing, jazz, pop and Latin music, mixed and matched throughout to transcendent effect. Over 30 years after her breakthrough album Time and Tide, Basia is still worth waiting nearly a decade for.

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