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  • Jonathan Widran

MAURICE FRANK, Mad Romance and Love

One of the great benefits of this truly independent DIY era of music creation and distribution is the opportunity for fantastic, deserving artists to get their music in front of appreciative audiences – without having to wait around for major labels to make that happen.

The inviting, beautifully intuitive vocal interpreter extraordinaire Maurice “Moe” Frank is a classic example of a brilliant, engaging artist who is touching countless jazz fans because of this. With the release of the perfectly titled Mad Romance and Love, Frank exuberantly resurrect the musical dreams he once put aside and makes fresh magic happen with classic tunes (some well-known, others wonderfully obscure) he loves.

His heartfelt blend of emotional power and exploring the subtle nuances brings everything from “In My Life” and “On the Street Where You Live” to Cole Porter’s “Dream Dancing” and “Slow Hot Wind” to fresh, contemporary life. The colorful arrangements by pianist John DiMartino lend undercurrents of swing, rhumba, bossa nova and bolero to these cool re-imaginings.

Now a veteran performer, Frank has a warm, easy way of soulfully interacting with his incredible soloists, including Eric Alexander (tenor sax), Aaron Helck (soprano sax, clarinet, alto flute) and Paul Meyers (guitar). This “Moe” will make you beg for mo’ eclectic jazz in the coming years!

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