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  • Jonathan Widran

SAM BEVAN, Emergence

Although veteran bassist Sam Bevan moved to NYC in 2016 after over 15 years immersed in the Bay Area jazz scene, he has a blast vibing with a freewheeling ensemble of nine of his favorite Northern California musicians on Emergence, his latest and most melodically and harmonically transcendent album to date.

The 9 track collection is infused with moments of seamless, horn section driven melodic buoyancy, playful punchy swing and otherworldly solos by masters like Ian Carey (trumpet) and Cory Wright (tenor sax, bass clarinet). These inviting, easy on the ears moments are offset at times with odd metered rhythms and quirky and ominous atonal passages that ensure we’re paying attention.

The foundation of the polyrhythmic action is Bevan’s alternately measured and explosive interaction with drummer Eric Garland. Truly a player’s album highly recommended for jazz fans seeking fresh adventures!


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