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  • Jonathan Widran


San Francisco based music producer Nick Andre is one of those dynamic and innovative multi-talents who seems to do everything well at once. As co-founder of Slept On Records, he’s worked with Gift of Gab (Blackalicious), Lateef the Truth Speaker, Bicasso of Living Legends, Zion I and others. He co-scored the feature film “Chasing Valentine” and had tracks featured on “The Chi” and Netflix’s “Easy.”

“Guns,” Andre’s propulsive new single featuring Oakland hip-hopper Lateef and singer/songwriter Hanni El Khatib, incisively yet soulfully captures the zeitgeist of America’s current troubled moment. But it’s not just one bad moment – racial profiling and violence against African Americans by cops is a “thing” that happens over and over again, marching on and on, much like the hypnotic drum beat of this brief light-shedding track. Try to listen a few times without chanting along, “When the guns come out, out out…” I dare ya!

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