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  • Jonathan Widran

DEVI, "Bad Boy"

The unrelenting pursuit of the proverbial “Bad Boy” may take its emotional toll on girls who don’t adequately armorall their hearts – but emerging pop/dance artist Devi makes her infectious confessional anthem about it a total blast filled with raw honesty and delightfully mischievous fun.

She transforms the deeply personal into the truly universal with her intense, powerhouse voice sharing these edgy truths over trippy, driving synth textures and hypnotic thumping beats that shed light and fun on the somewhat dark theme. You may be going down a dark path, but sometimes - hey, she seems to be telling us, sometimes it can't be helped, and it's worth it!

“Bad Boy” is the latest single from Devi’s popular indie album Amazing, whose title speaks perfectly to its magical mix of dance, rock, blues and killer power ballads.

Devi’s rising star inspired the Independent Music Network to present her with its 2017 “New Discovery Artist” Award, based on fan votes, a radio poll and the decision of IMN editors. One listen to “Bad Boy,” and a deeper experience with Amazing, makes it easy to envision more indie accolades heading her way in the future.

Check out the video for "Bad Boy" here...

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