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  • Jonathan Widran

BROWN KID, Rusty Strings

If you can embrace the wildly cool, culturally mindbending geographic concept of a Peruvian born singer striking ground in Alabama, hitting the sand with a rapper in Jamaica along the way, then recording a new EP in Nashville, you might just dig Rusty Strings by Brown Kid.

He’s a beachy folk hipster who is like Jack Johnson, but blissfully with less romance and more biting humor. He’s a graceful, compelling storyteller who thinks deeply but doesn’t take life too seriously – even when he’s speaking from the afterlife, as on the edgy, sparsely arranged jangler “Welcome To My Funeral,” pointing out the hypocrites who showed up even if they didn’t like him when he was alive.

Balancing this kind of bite is “Jamaicamecrazy,” a laid back, playful ode to island culture “Jamaicamecrazy,” and the “La Farra,” a joyful, Spanish rhythm infused celebration of youth that showcases the contrast between his laid back acoustic vibe and speedy, percussive vocal approach. The title track, a heartfelt tune about an immigrant’s experiences, blends organic sounds with trippy scratch textures. Overall, a fun, lighthearted listen that inspires you to think as you’re boppin’ along.

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