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  • Jonathan Widran

JUDITH LORICK, The Second Time Around

Most jazz vocalists who record standards consider themselves storytellers, but whether they’re superstars or, like the incomparable Judith Lorick, lesser known artists deserving of global recognition, they tend to share their tales one tune at a time.

On her lush, exquisitely rearranged album The Second Time Around, she and her pianist and co-producer Eric Reed draw on a tasteful, carefully selected lineup of well-known standards and slightly lesser known – but no less beautiful and heartfelt – songs to weave an intimate tale of love found, love lost and love regained after 44 years apart!

She started dating Artie while in college, and everything was perfect until he was sent to Vietnam and returned home broken. They split up and she went on to marry another man, raise a family and find success as an executive coach and jazz singer living in France for 30 years. Her reconnection with Artie, and their rekindled flame, is the inspiration for The Second Time Around, whose final two tracks – the dreamy French/English song “Hymne A L’amour” and the peace and contentment filled title track – complete a journey filled with blooming passion, fear, heartbreak, hope and soul determination.

While decidedly and by design ballad heavy, Reed’s arrangements include dashing solos by the likes of trumpeter Jeremy Pelt and tenor saxophonist Chris Lewis, which add vibrancy, emotional color and texture to each piece.

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