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  • Jonathan Widran

JACK MAGNET, "Hook, Line & Sinker"

Jack Magnet’s instantly hummable, crazy-catchy new track “Hook, Line & Sinker” is being released is being released as a solo single – and follow-up to his 2016 debut single “Still Boppin’ Along,” which reached #16 on the Billboard jazz charts. Yet it’s truly a collaborative jam involving a total of four genre greats – Magnet on acoustic piano, featured guest Jeff Ryan on tenor sax, producer Paul Brown on guitar and Chris Standring, who co-wrote the sure fire hit tune with Brown and Magnet (real name Jakob Magnusson).

It tickles the ears from the get go, with a subtle intro featuring quick bursts of piano, guitar and sax, before exploding spontaneously into a festive romp driven by the dynamic dual melodic magic of Magnet and Ryan - underscored by Brown’s simmering guitar lines (and occasional crisp licks) and the skin tight grooving of rhythm section Johann Asmundsson on bass, Standring on drums and synth and Lenny Castro on percussion.

As the track continues, Ryan bursts out with impactful solo runs, answered eloquently by Magnet’s playful, jazzy ivory fluttering. Then the solo spotlight turns briefly to the pianist, who plays a few rambunctious riffs as an inviting bridge back to the sax/piano duality which is the emotional thrust of the tune. Magnet is back at it, soloing artfully and madly during most of the last minute of the tune, reminding us of whose name comes first on the single and about his remarkable talent as a true jazz performer.

The title is not coincidental. It’s truly got more hooks than a busy fisherman’s tackle box! Look for “Hook, Line & Sinker” to one to surpass even Magnet’s promising debut performance on the charts with “Still Boppin’ Along.”

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