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  • Jonathan Widran

TIFFANY BYNOE, "Love Like Waterfalls"

One of the great challenges for multi-talented, genre-transcendent vocalists like Tiffany Bynoe is finding that perfect niche that captures all of her passions and influences from the worlds of pop, R&B, gospel and contemporary jazz. But let’s set aside strict categorizing – Tiffany’s all about heart, mind and soul seduction.

After recently hitting the gospel charts with her comeback song “Seasons” and the smooth jazz lists with “All Things New” (which includes a feature from her uncle, soul legend Howard Hewett), Tiffany finds a sensual way to tap, tug and caress our inner groove and higher spirit with “Love Like Waterfalls,” a gorgeous new track (penned by her and her producer/husband Kyle Bynoe) that invites us to go with the flow of love and let it take over our senses.

She brings her picture perfect blend of gossamer grace and emotional intensity to the fresh, deeply soulful and ultra-dreamy tune, mingling her breezy backing vocals with her dynamic lead voice. As her passions intensify, she draws the listener in further with her stunning, otherworldly higher register notes.

Kyle Bynoe brings a beautifully textured, slightly mystical sonic atmosphere to the track, which also features subtle, lush but dazzling piano soloing by renowned urban jazz keyboardist Bob Baldwin.

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