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  • Jonathan Widran

CARLA CAMPOPIANO TRIO, Chicago/Buenos Aires Connections

Generally when we think of the music of Chicago, we think jazz, soul and blues – but flutist Carla Campopiano and her densely rhythm driven trio of Angel Colacilli (guitar) and Gustavo Cortinas Fouilloux (drums, percussion) remind us on their sizzling Chicago/Buenos Aires Connections that the city has quite the vibrant tango scene as well.

In 17 of the most thrilling minutes of exotic grooves, melodies and improvisations you may ever hear, Campopiano – who moved to The Windy City just four years ago – fuses the spirit of her native Argentina with the improvisational energy of her new surroundings, finding commonalities and highlighting the unique differences between styles.

The trio engages in thoughtful and exuberant reworkings of classics by various Argentine composers, including Julio De Caro, Julian Plaza and Astor Piazzolla. It’s a truly imaginative and ultimately transcendent cultural fusion.

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