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  • Jonathan Widran


On his wondrously adventurous new album Brindica (a clever portmanteau of “Brazil, India, Africa”), jazz trumpeter turned world class vibraphonist Ted Piltzecker spearheads a global mission to share the planet’s joyous diversity - and refresh our perspective on our brief time here -through a multitude of jazz and global fusion styles.

Joining forces with drummer/co-producer Fernando Martinez, pianist Miguel Marengo, bassist Mauricio Dawid and altoist Carlos Michelini – and inviting guests like Jon Faddis to shuffle along with the polyrhythmic caravan – Piltzecker guides a spirited cornucopia of travel from the majestic Himalayas to the percussive streets of New Orleans, from the sunny Caribbean (with shimmering assistance from steel pan master John Wooton) to a Balinese parade, Ghana and back home for a heartfelt ode to Harlem.

Under the steady yet freewheeling navigational eye of Piltzecker, Brindica is a heavily stamped passport to untold musical riches.

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