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  • Jonathan Widran

GREGOR HUEBNER, El Violin Latino, Vol. 3: Los Sonadores

The third album in German born violinist/composer Gregor Huebner’s El Violin Latino series is also the most socially and politically charged, arriving at a volatile time for immigrants in America.

Though Los Sonodores is by title and intention a tribute to The Dreamers whose status as residents is constantly being threatened, the vibrant, multi-faceted collection puts a spotlight on and fashions a forward thinking message about all immigrants and what they have and can continue to contribute to our culture.

Huebner’s large ensemble expresses the vast emotional terrain of the immigrant experience – fear, hope, joy, tragedy and triumph – with a set of delicate melodies, passionate improvisations, rambunctious percussive explosions and heartrending vocals by Yumarya, who is a revelation whether she’s emoting in English or Spanish. Adding to the reality that all cultures are affected by immigration policies is the African flavored “Yorubian Fantasy,” whose dance of tribal chanting and violin illuminates and advocates for a vocal movement for change.

Providing unique continuity between projects, Huebner closes the set with “Buey Viejo,” a piece from the first El Violin Latino album featuring the spoken words of the late Cuban born poet Mappy Torres.

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