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  • Jonathan Widran

KEVIN DANIEL, Myself Through You

Fast emerging troubadour Kevin Daniel ‘s musical story begins with the innocence of a five year old singing Disney songs into a turkey baster turned microphone – but ultimately reveals a blaze of transcendent blues tinged country Americana creativity honed by tragedy (the loss of his mother and stepfather in a plane crash) and creating anthems rich with edgy images of seeking light through the darkness.

Produced by Ben Rice (Norah Jones The Candles, Aoife O’Donovan, The Skins) and featuring rootsy instrumentation that includes tenor/slide guitar, organ and accordion, Kevin’s latest EP Myself Through You skillfully blends fresh and lighthearted, down home clap-alongs and ballads of uncommon emotional grit to reveal a multitude of spiritual truths and hopeful, hard won breakthroughs. On the searing, gospel infused ballad “Born A Preacher,” he reflects his determination to overcome by following “And when I’m down and out, rock bottom in the street” a few lines later with “Takes love, take spirit and a fight.”

Likewise on the rousing, slow burning “Golden,” where Kevin looks past “For too long I have been broken” towards a day “When I fly away. . .to the land that’s been chosen/Then someone will see that I’m golden.” Kevin has followed this brilliant five track release with a grand preview of his upcoming full length debut via the lead single “Pour Me a Drink,” an intensely soulful, whiskey-soaked bar singalong that finds escape and absolution from fear based, emotional turmoil in a drink that’s as “sweet as a sunset/sweet as the day you were born.”

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