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  • Jonathan Widran

GIADORA, "Twisted"

In the second verse of “Twisted,” the sparkling, sensual and dreamy but delightfully danceable breakthrough single from Giadora, the emerging R&B influenced alt-pop singer sings about a mercurial lover casting a spell that leaves her hypnotized.

The same can be said of the effect the L.A. based artist will have on listeners with this track, which introduces us to a multi-talented artist who, in three and a half all-too-quick minutes, artfully blends clever, insightful lyrical phrases, compelling storytelling (with a cool, unexpected twist at the end) and an infectious, seductive melody while introducing us to her timeless, world-wise voice that’s all at once ethereal yet brimming with deep soul confidence.

Drawing on a uniquely expansive array of influences – from pop/soul icons Adele and Amy Winehouse to First Lady of Song Ella Fitzgerald, blues/rock jazz legend Etta James and alt pop-punk bands Blink-182 and My Chemical Romance - the multi-talented performer Giadora brings a fresh, youthful yet sharply sophisticated perspective to the contemporary musical landscape.

Produced byViision Entertainment, the track’s crisp grooves and sultry, atmospheric flow create the perfect counterbalance to Giadora’s edgy, on point lyrics about being in the emotionally manipulative clutches of a deceitful lover who seduced her by presenting a false front. By the end of the song, however, Giadora turns the tables on him, defiantly declaring, “I’ll leave you twisted/By my darling highs/I’ll wear you down enough/And make it hard to forget your tries/...You’re a mad one, baby, but I’ll be more twisted than you.”

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