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  • Jonathan Widran


Having played stage versions of everyone from his rock heroes Bruce Springsteen and John Lennon to King George III on a current tour of “Hamilton,” Jon Patrick Walker is a master at bringing heartfelt drama and pathos to every creative endeavor – including his latest single, the splendidly moody and soulful, deeply melancholy and introspective “Luv U Girl.”

With such a emotionally compelling outpouring of sorrow, passion, questioning and mystery in the wake of the departure of an often hurtful lover, one might expect a lot of cathartic, over the top instrumentation and orchestration. Instead, Walker keeps it thoughtful and indie simple, with just his haunting voice, lush vocal harmonies and haunting, hypnotic keyboards expressing all his mixed emotions. The video, shot in a hotel room using an iPhone, is a must see.

After he eyes her goodbye letter, we go through the motions of heartbreak with him as he obsesses over an abstract painting of her and engages in various distractions. Those who watch to the end will love the amazing redemptive twist.

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