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  • Jonathan Widran


“From Now On,” Fans of Epic, Romantic “Popera” Need

Listen to Only One Authentic, Sophisticated Voice!

It is testament to the rich emotional authenticity and majestic and deeply resonating vocal intensity and grace of Jonathan Cilia Faro that the veteran Sicilian born tenor was invited, just prior to the release of his extraordinary, intricately produced album From Now On, to perform at a gala event to support the ecumenical and humanitarian effort of the Cardinal Angelo Sodano Holy Land Foundation.

When the Vatican takes note of a talent like this, it seems divinely ordained that we should as well.

Working with top Italian songwriters and arrangers and penning lyrics to four of the 12 songs, the singer creates an otherworldly vibe driven, like real opera, by narrative highs and lows, with sweet moments of lyrical intimacy followed by bursts of intense, soaring emotion. Most if not all of the tunes here may be unfamiliar to American audiences, but Cilia Faro creates notes to help us understand these heartfelt, inspirational stories (sung mostly in Italian) of following dreams, finding everlasting love, forgiveness, forging a life of forward motion and overcoming great darkness, as the singer did in his courageous battle with cancer.

If you love Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban and Il Divo, you’ll love Cilia Faro – but his personal story goes deeper than simply having a wonderful voice that can approximate the timbres of those global talents. His early passion for classical music, inspired by first hearing Luciano Pavarotti singing Rodolfo in La Boheme and the encouragement of a nun at school, helped him overcome a troubled childhood. On his way to fame, he has been a minister, a soldier, a freemason, restaurateur and busker. Having paid his dues and overcome so much, the now global citizen of the world powerfully translates these personal triumphs into every transcendent note.

Check out Cilia Faro's performance of "Fine Non Ha Mai" here:

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