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  • Jonathan Widran


Tiffany Bynoe is a true force of nature, a classic yet contemporary Adult R&B vocalist of supreme sensuality and sophistication whose timeless vibe and heartfelt emotions pierce the heart and tap the spirit like few other independent artists. Keeping the dreamy, sultry flow going, she follows her recent hits “Love Like Waterfalls” an “L.I.T.” with a sparkling and sexy re-imagining of Evelyn “Champagne” King’s famed disco hit “Shame.”

Slowing the dance floor grooves down into intimate ballad mode under the guidance of her new production team The Trillionaires, Tiffany plunges into to the emotional core of the lyrics. Surrounded by a lush arrangement infused with rich, ambient atmospheres and gorgeous vocal harmony textures, she draws on her expansive range to turn the once-lighthearted look at love and romance into a heartrending narrative of loving deeply and desperately no matter what mama may say.

While the original single is ripe for a moment of slow dance magic, Tiffany is also releasing dance mixes of the track by KNOX and Yence505 Ibiza. “Shame” will be featured on Tiffany’s highly anticipated upcoming full-length album Everything Love – a title that captures the essence of what this extraordinary artist is all about.

The official release of the "Shame" EP is September 6.

Check out the track here:

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