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  • Jonathan Widran

ANDRE CAVOR, "Stay With Me Tonight"

One of the great urban jazz success stories of the past few years, Andre Cavor’s 2017 debut album Road Trip and its compelling Darren Rahn-produced title track set the versatile, Cleveland based saxophonist/composer on an incredible, self-fulfilling journey that included substantial airplay on SiriusXM’s Watercolors and a hit on the Billboard Smooth Jazz Songs chart.

With the release of his latest “Stay With Me Tonight” – easily one of the sexiest, most sensual genre offerings of the year – Andre expands exotically beyond the pop, jazz, R&B and gospel music foundations that drove his stellar debut. He eases into our hearts into this balmy, ambience-caressed romance not with his horn but a stylish and sultry Spanish guitar intro before getting down to business with the inviting main sax melody, backed harmonically by those warmhearted strings. Just as we’re getting in the mood with the low tones of his tenor, Andre gets to the horn-textured hook and then surprises with a higher alto tone on the second verse, creating emotional contrast and cool sonic variety.

The subsequent intertwining of dark/light tones and intense, heart tugging twists take the vibe into a beautiful creative stratosphere. Coming off such resounding out of the box success with Road Trip, Andre could have easily just shared with us another leg of that same excursion. Instead, he takes us to deeper, more tropical places that showcase yet another facet of his ever-evolving artistry.

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