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  • Jonathan Widran

MUTLU featuring John Oates

Riding high on the critical acclaim showered on his latest album Good Trouble and its anthem-like lead single “Lifeline,” golden voiced pop/soul singer-songwriter Mutlu joins forces with fellow Philadelphian, the legendary John Oates, to celebrate the Spirit of Brotherly Love and fresh and hipster yet old school, romantic love on the unabashedly optimistic “Nothing In This Whole Wide World.”

Though 31 years apart in age – Hall & Oates had enjoyed a long string of era-defining hits by the time Mutlu was born in 1979 – the two are connected by their mutual passion for classic, Philly style harmonic pop/R&B and a hopefulness for a world desperately in need of uplift.

Co-produced by Hall & Oates’ guitarist Shane Theriot and Oates, the track features subtly cracking guitar and Henry Hey’s simmering organ sounds behind Mutlu’s emphatic declarations in the verses, backed by Oates lush, subtly inviting vocal harmonies.

These lead to a rapturous chorus where Oates’ underscoring of “whole wide world” and “to keep me from” emphasizes the determination of a lover who knows he will do everything in his power to be with his loved one. Then Oates, the perfect musical wingman, riffs off the second chorus with dreamlike lines of his own: “Didn’t know you were the one I was looking for/Till the day that you walked right into my door” – and Mutlu replies, like his heart depends on capturing the exuberant moment just right, “And there ain’t no doubt about it.”

More than just a retro cool love song about a girl, “Nothing in the Whole Wide World” is a bright homage to the vintage vibe of a city which has set the standard of R&B’s ultimate possibilities for multiple generations.

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