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  • Jonathan Widran

THE NIRO featuring GARY LUCAS, The Complete Jeff Buckley and Gary Lucas Songbook

Marking the 25th anniversary of its release, the late Jeff Buckley’s lone full length collection Grace only made it to #149 on the Billboard Top 200, but went double platinum worldwide over time and has been cited by countless critics as one of the greatest albums of all time. Two key tracks, “Mojo Pin” and “Grace” grew out of an extraordinary and prolific, pre-stardom collaboration in the early 90’s between Buckley and veteran guitarist Gary Lucas.

The two were penning tunes for Lucas’ band Gods and Monsters, for which Buckley was briefly lead singer. With a compelling set blend of blistering and intense, distortion happy rockers and sweetly whimsical acoustic beauty, that legacy – including five Buckley/Lucas songs never before released - is celebrated with both vigor and tenderness by Lucas (on guitar) and Rome based artist, vocalist and songwriter David Combusti, aka “The Niro.”

Part of the Italian indie rock scene for more than a decade and a half, The Niro - a fiery rock singer and soulful, passionate balladeer -the perfect choice to bring Buckley’s spirit to the contemporary conversation. He’s sensitive to weight of history but also brings raw energy and modern rock sensibilities to the mix. Lucas calls this album his personal gift to all the Jeff Buckley lovers around the world – but there’s no doubt a younger generation of rock fans who weren’t able (or were too young) to fully experience Buckley (who died in 1997) in their lifetimes will find it emotionally powerful as well.

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