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  • Jonathan Widran


In only three compelling, heart on her sleeve songs, gossamer voiced soul-jazz singer songwriter invites us into a fascinating interior world, where she’s unashamed to address suicidal thoughts and her slow emergence from a dark emotional time.

Understanding that a difficult abusive childhood has found her grappling with depression most of her life isn’t a necessary requirement to appreciating her thoughtful, introspective and poetic - not to mention mad, jazzy cool - vibe and dreamy vocal seduction. Yet this deeper understanding helps provide a backdrop colored with true artistic courage.

On “Ophelia,” the most specific song addressing the possibility of ending one’s own life, her stark imagery and pleading of “baby” is enhanced by Josh Nelson’s lush piano harmony and Michael Hunter’s gorgeous flugelhorn.

The other two tracks, written during her period of recovery, are gems as well. “Mother Earth” is a spirited, percussive affair comparing her own ambivalent feelings about motherhood with the nurturing of Mother Earth,” while the sly and gently playful “A Little Too Late” takes a slightly whimsical view of moving on from the love that once crushed her and choosing to live with new purpose and grace.

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