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  • Jonathan Widran

THE PERSIAN LEAPS, Electrical Living

In 2018, The Persian Leaps, the raucous and quirky St. Paul based indie rock/power pop band with the playfully inscrutable name, unleashed the pleasurable collection Pop That Goes Crunch as a grand summary of their five popular, super brief EPs released annually like clockwork from 2013-2017.

Band frontman, founder and mastermind Drew Forsberg then shifted gears, stopped touring the group and joined forces with his longtime graphic designer Jon Hunt (who also happens to be a killer bassist and vocalist) to create the group’s first full length set of all original material with the wild, jangly, rumbling super harmonic and, yep, totally electrifying, Electrical Living.

While the 11 punchy, tightly wound tracks (the entire album clocks in at under a half hour) don’t have any true thematic connection to the whimsical, retro, American suburbia living inspired album title, Forsberg likes to say that his almost constantly crackling electric guitars “hold a key to our future.”

With Electrical Living, that future seems more blazing, bright, focused and infectious than ever - even if they're supposedly not touring anymore!

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